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Choose the Right Team

Knowing about fraud, financial misconduct, or other wrongdoing within your company is a heavy burden. Taking action can be a career-changing decision; failing to do so runs its own risks.

You can rely upon the experience and tenacity of Buckley’s Whistleblower Advocacy team to help you make the right decision and pursue the wisest course of action. We have a successful track record of results for our clients—both in terms of monetary rewards and protection against retaliation claims.

Experience that matters

Tom Sporkin, a co-leader of our Whistleblower Advocacy team, oversaw the launch of the whistleblower program at the Securities and Exchange Commission. That program has singlehandedly reshaped whistleblower advocacy, placing greater emphasis on advocate expertise in securities law and less emphasis on traditional employment law. Chris Regan, our other co-leader, brings a 360-degree perspective to whistleblowing, with a track record of success in handling claims for both defendants and plaintiffs. Many of our partners have substantial government experience, giving us firsthand knowledge of the workings of a wide range of federal and state agencies. Every case is different, but we know how to pursue yours.

Be heard

In the last year alone, would-be whistleblowers inundated the SEC with more than 4,000 tips. We know what messages stand out and demand attention, increasing the chances that your voice will be heard, and that the information you provide will be acted upon. Beyond initial presentation, the whistleblowing process is often a long and arduous one. We stay with you every step of the way.

Protect yourself

It’s one thing to represent a whistleblower and provide information to the government. It’s quite another to protect a whistleblower from retaliation. We do both, fighting just as hard to protect you from mistreatment or retaliation as we do to obtain your whistleblower reward.

No law firm can guarantee results, but we can guarantee that we will work tirelessly and fight tenaciously on your behalf. You’re doing the right thing; we’re here to make sure that you’re protected as you do so.


“Chris, Tom, and the rest of the Buckley Whistleblower Advocacy team are the ideal package, combining big-law tenacity and skill, with unparalleled government experience. Not only were they always available to answer any question, or address any concern that I had, but they also provided the most important aspect of all: results. After listening to my story and my concerns, their team negotiated an outstanding comprehensive settlement that ensures my company will reform its broken policies—and provides a generous financial recovery.”

– Former executive of an NYSE company


“About a week after Buckley made the initial submission on my behalf, I was face-to-face with SEC attorneys and accountants discussing my case. I am receiving expert legal advice at no cost until they prevail.”

- Former in-house accountant of a NASDAQ company


“One day I was being groomed for CEO and the next I was fired for asking the right questions. I thought I was doing my job when I reported an ongoing fraud; instead, I was retaliated against. Despite this, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the access I was provided by the Buckley Whistleblower Advocacy team to tell my story to the right people, which included lawyers, accountants and agents from the SEC, FBI and DOJ. With the thousands of tips submitted each year to the SEC and other government agencies, Buckley ensured mine didn’t get lost in the shuffle. My investigation is ongoing, and I couldn’t be happier with the team’s tenacity pursing my retaliation claims in federal court as well as their active and unrelenting pursuit of my financial award in the ongoing SEC investigation.”

-Former executive of a NASDAQ company

Protect yourself.
Be heard.

Attorneys on our Whistleblower Advocacy team are available for a confidential case review.