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Thomas A. Sporkin Quoted in a Article, “5 Questions Would-Be Whistleblowers Need to Ask”

Thomas A. Sporkin

Thomas A. Sporkin was quoted on May 3, 2017 in a article, “5 Questions Would-Be Whistleblowers Need to Ask.” The article focused on five key questions that should be considered before a potential whistleblower makes a complaint, which included, “If you’re an in-house lawyer who investigates compliance issues, have you reported through your company’s internal reporting structure?”

In regards to this question, Sporkin stated “You’re really caught in a jam because if you rock the boat, you could be fired and if you report outside the company, you could be violating your legal privilege, and if you don’t do anything, you could be charged by the [SEC].” He added that, “in-house compliance managers can also take advantage of confidential, nonpublic reporting channels, such as the SEC’s whistleblower tip line.”

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