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"It's all in the footnotes: A field guide to SEC whistleblower awards" (Part 5 of 5) by Christopher F. Regan, Matthew E. Newman, and Ian J. Acker (Business Law Today)

Business Law Today

Christopher F. Regan

The fifth part of this series – “How Does the SEC Calculate and Allocate Awards?” – will examine how the SEC determines the actual dollar-amount awarded to qualified whistleblowers.

How Does the SEC Calculate and Allocate Awards?

In the fifth and final part of our field guide, we consider footnotes related to the award itself. The prospect of a multimillion dollar award may be the final push a whistleblower needs to report his or her concerns to the SEC—or maybe he or she would have blown the whistle anyway, and the award is just an added bonus. Either way, eligible whistleblowers are entitled to 10–30 percent of the monetary sanctions that the SEC and related authorities are able to collect. If there is more than one meritorious claimant, the SEC will allocate the 10–30 percent between or among them.

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